Transparency is the key!

QuillTrace is a Blockchain Technology based procurement platform made easier to integrate with the existing Supply chain systems to make it more transparent, sustainable and secure.


Reducing Supply-chain barriers to trade could increase global GDP by nearly 5% and global trade by 15%. (Source: World Economic Forum, 2013). By harnessing the power of Blockchain, QuillTrace provides greater traceability, transparency, and security in every possible Supply-chain.

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What’s stopping you to scale your business ?

Major Problems which result in loss of revenue in businesses are Counterfeiting of Products and Authenticity which lead to loss of Customer Trust and Brand Reputation.

Counterfeits are eating Companies

  • 1 in 10 medicines sold in the world is fake( WHO, 2017).
  • Counterfeit fashion market costs consumers $450 Billion each year (OECD, 2016).

Lack of Real Time Tracking costs billions

  • The existing Supply Chain Technology takes 6-7 days for tracking the source of any goods.
  • 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year resulting in $750 billion loss to the world’s economy (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN, 2011).

Loss of Consumer Trust

  • Art fraud and forgery market was estimated to be $6 Billion in the USA in 2016.

This is why, its happening?

  • Data is trapped in individual organizational silos.
  • High opacity in the supply chain hindering the traceability of the origin and increasing the flow of counterfeit products.
  • Slow, manual processes and high reliability on paper.
  • Improper conditions of logistics resulting in loss of goods.

How QuillTrace will help?


Faster Real-Time Traceability


Drives Authentic Data Sharing


Digital verification of documents & physical Assets


Automation of all transactions using smart contract


Distributed Ledger Technology


Peer to Peer Network

Our Solutions


Our Blockchain traceability solution aims to improve the efficiency of the logistics industry by synergizing all the stakeholders together and automating the clearance processes.


Increased traceability and transparency using Blockchain make it difficult for counterfeit medicines to enter the market and reduces pharma wastage.


Easy and convenient authentication of Artworks with tracing of artwork to provide resale royalties to the artist.


We are committed to helping the agri-food industry by offering real-time traceability of food from farm to fork to ensure the highest safety on the foods produced and processed.


Removing the opacity from the Jewelry Supply Chain and making sure the diamond ring on your finger is authentic and does not have a blood diamond on it.


Authenticating physical and digital documentation through Blockchain enabled distributed ledger technology for validating and verifying the proof of existence.

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