About QuillTrace

QuillTrace is the complete solution for the Supply chain . embedding the blockchain technology ,it provides a more secure , transparent and decentralized solution for your business.It provides real time traceability of products and synergizes all the stakeholders on one blockchain backed platform. This helps businesses to save billions of dollars and 100% customer loyalty. The automation of entire supply chain from the digital assets to digital transactions enables businesses to increase their efficiency by achieving operational excellence through our solution.

QuillTrace uses various blockchain technology to create a transparent and secure supply chain platform that connects all the links in the supply chain. QuillTrace makes it easy for businesses to share information among themselves and with the end-user.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a user-friendly traceability platform for an individual or organization to track and trace their assets in real-time


Our Vission

Our Vision to give a voice to consumers to choose genuine products over counterfeit goods.


Platform Features


Multi cloud support

Create your own Consortium with multi cloud (aws , azure , google cloud) support & invite/add Participants.


Multi blockchain support

Choose the Blockchain network ethereum, quorum, hyperledger or EOS with muti consensus algorithm(POA, IBFT, RAFT) support to build on.


Track Any Asset

Create a smart contract template or choose from business template to start adding products, products can represent things e.g. a physical entity, a document, or a dataset containing a number of text, binary and media elements.


Blockchain Explorer

Scan the QR code in product section to keep track of the product from the source till the end user through blockchain explorer.


IT & ERP System

Use RFC, REST, SOAP, WebServices channels to integrate it on to an existing IT & ERP systems like SAP, Oracle ,Microsoft etc.


IOT support

Live track any asset using bluetooth enabled beacons and devices.

Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?

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