QuillTrace Features

QuillTrace is a supply chain platform powered by Blockchain making it secure and transparent. Our solution considers the different demands of each supply chain and is customizable and easy to integrate on your existing system. The user friendly interface of the platform makes it convenient for both the businesses and the customers to use.



Blockchain Equipped

A Blockchain-based platform is more secure and increases the trust among the parties due to its decentralized and immutable nature.


Live Feed

All the entities in the supply chain will be able to see the live feed of the product, thereby increasing the transparency in the chain.


Rating Mechanism

Manufacturers, Suppliers and Retailers have the option to rate the logistics provider based on the services provided


Real-Time Auditing

All the entities in the supply chain can audit the product while in production and can save costs with quick recalls



Digital Records

Paper Documents including invoices, certificates and other documents can be digitized and shared on the network for easy and secure communication with only the concerned parties.


Secure Encryption

All the documents and information on the platform is first encrypted and then shared on the platform making it secure from outer threats.


Selective Data Access

Parties sharing documents and data in the chain can select the participants they want to share it with, thereby increasing security while keeping it transparent.


Digitally signed Documents

Documents such as invoices can be digitally signed and then forwarded to the next entity in the chain to ensure the authenticity of the documents.


Immutable Records

Transactions once recorded on a Blockchain are immutable meaning they cannot be altered or deleted hence making the platform secure and accountable.



Consortium group

All or some of the entities in the supply chain can be added in a consortium which brings them to one platform for the exchange of information and documents.


Roles for each entity

Each entity in the supply chain will have specified roles and based on these roles, the actions or the activities they can perform can be changed.


Custom Template

Customers have the option to either use one of the provided templates for their supply chain or create a custom template which will be suited for their operation.



QuillTrace provides an option to create a template by creating a workflow of the information and goods in the chain using the graphical interface.



Desktop & Mobile Dashboard

The dashboard can be accessed through the desktop and also through the user-friendly mobile application which makes monitoring goods easy and convenient.


Product QR code

Customers can track the origin of the product by simply scanning a QR code on the product, thereby increasing the brand trust among the public.


Support & Help Desk

Help Desk is always open to support and solve any issues or difficulties one might face while operating the platform.


Video Tutorials

With video tutorials for API integration and product overview, the platform is extremely convenient for clients to onboard and learn.


Trusted contacts

Create a database of your trusted supply chain contacts (suppliers and buyers) to create a single point of reference for collaboration with your team while tracing and tracking of products.

Easy Integration


API Access

Integration and communication with the ERP software using APIs to easily connect the platform with existing systems.


Blockchain Agnostic

Customers have the option to choose between several Blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, HyperLedger, Quorum or EOS to make the platform as per their needs


Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?