The increasing gap exploitation of farmers and the food waste in the Agriculture supply chain is increasing the disparity between the farmers and the consumers.

Our QuillTrace Solution

QuillTrace provides a platform for the stakeholders of the Agri Supply Chain to prove provenance of the food while increasing transparency in the supply chain.

$2.4 Trillion

The European Union is the largest producer, exporter and consumer of olive oil in the world, producing 69% of the world’s olive oil.

2.9 Trillion

1/3rd of the global food production accounting for 2.9 Trillion pounds of food is lost in the Agricultural Supply Chain.

$40 Billion

Food fraud is estimated to cost the global food industry $40 Billion every year.


  • There is a serious lack of transparency in the Agri supply chain due to the inconsistency or unavailability of data.
  • The Agri Industry has a high proportion of manual labour and paperwork which leads to slow operations and high costs.
  • Due to the segregation of data between the entities of the supply chain, there is a serious lack of interoperability.
  • Customers are demanding traceable products but there is limited information on the traceability in the industry.
  • Agri Supply Chain has a high cost of moving goods in the supply chain with estimates saying that operation costs of supply chain make up 2/3rd of the final cost of goods.

Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?




End-to-End Traceability

With the use of sensors and Bluetooth beacons, our solution provides real-time end to end traceability to the entities and the customers both.


Automation and Digitization

Smart Contracts can automate the financial transactions and the transfer of documents, hence reducing the dependency on paper and digitizing the supply chain.


Easy Auditing

The immutable nature of Blockchain platform and the transparency involved makes the auditing process easy and convenient, both for the authorities and for internal auditing.



Customers can easily confirm the authenticity of the product by scanning a QR code and see the whole supply chain of the product right from the start, thereby eliminating the counterfeits.

Demand & Sales Forecasting

Demand and Sales Forecasting

Farmers, Processors and other entities will have the data related to customer demands and can synergize their operations accordingly.

Benefits for Stakeholders


Farmers/Food Producers

  • Added value to food products with credence attributes due to increased transparency
  • Fairer price and lower costs due to removal of intermediaries
  • Access to alternative financing arrangements
  • Direct contact with consumers


  • Decrease in costs with Logistics management and provision of pre-planning


  • Better inventory management with synergy between stakeholders
  • Access to more information on the provenance of food products
  • Providing reliable information to the consumers
  • Improved brand image

Certification Bodies

  • Increased value of certificates due to improved transparency and reliability of certificates

Government Organizations

  • Reliable data regarding the industry
  • Efficient regulatory process


  • Reliable information regarding provenance of product
  • Easy authentication of food products

Our Traceability Flow



  • Crop Type
  • Farming Conditions (pesticide, fertilizer, machinery etc.)
  • Invoices & Receipts
  • Weight of the crop

Processing Facility

  • Production Date
  • Batch code & size
  • Certificates & invoices
  • Processing Methods used


  • Estimated Delivery Time
  • Storage Conditions
  • Receipts & Transactions
  • Time in transit
  • Batch Size


  • Batch Size
  • Expiry Dates
  • Time spent on shelf


Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?