With the number of people affected by Covid-19 increasing every day, there is a need for a single platform where patients, doctors, hospitals and government authorities can share the data and analyse the results accordingly.

Our QuillTrace Solution

There is an environment of confusion regarding the information and Blockchain is the perfect technology to provide truth along with helping the authorities in fighting this pandemic. Blockchain is the perfect technology for the basis of this platform as its immutable nature ensures security and trust while it’s traceability helps in tracking.


  • The number of affected is increasing and with the introduction of private laboratories, there is a huge problem of data disparity.
  • Data disparity due to the number of third party testing facilities might lead to incorrect estimations and false numbers.
  • A large portion of the population is being advised to self-quarantine but there is no effective mechanism to monitor the condition of people.
  • With a huge number of players (Testing Labs, Hospitals, Government Authorities and Patients) involved, the level of synchronization decreases.

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Single Source of Truth

If all the entities such as Testing Labs, Hospitals and Patients log data into a single platform, then there is less chance of data inaccuracy and we can arrive at a single source of truth.
The immutable nature of Blockchain technology also aids in strengthening the truth.


Monitoring of Quarantine Cases

Patients can use the platform to monitor their self-quarantine with reporting of any symptoms or for seeking medical advice along with reporting their daily location.


Real-time Data Insights

With all the data onto one platform, real-time insights can be helpful in identifying the most affected regions or to identify the potential cases based on current patient data.


Data Standardization

Being on a single platform helps in data standardization as different facilities use different systems to report data and that leads to time wastage and inaccuracies.

Benefits for Stakeholders



  • Reporting of Self-Quarantine with location sharing
  • Report daily symptoms or improvements during the quarantine period
  • Seek medical advice from doctors


  • Common platform for data management
  • Tracking and Monitoring of test kits
  • Capture patient data to short-list and approve dosages or standardize the method of care.

Government Authorities

  • Better mapping of cases which can help in specific lockdowns
  • Real-time reporting and impact analysis of self-quarantine patients
  • Monitoring of Test centres to enforce standardized test procedures and reporting

COVID-19 Tracking Flow



  • Start and End date of quarantine
  • Daily Location/Location at particular intervals
  • Symptoms (Cough, Sore Throat, Sneezing, Body Temperature)


  • Approved Test Locations
  • Number of Test Kits and Allotted Location
  • Locations Lockdown

Hospitals/Doctors/Testing Laboratories

  • Test Kit ID
  • Test Kit Status
  • Patient Report & Status
  • Treatments/Method of Care & Status
  • Number of Patients Infected, Recovering and Dead
  • Hospital, Lab or Doctor ID
  • Patient Location
  • Inventory Levels of Ventilators, Protective Gear including Masks & Suits
  • Travel History including places visited, modes of transport and respective train coach or flight number

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