We are committed to helping the agri-food industry by offering real-time traceability of food from farm to fork to ensure the highest safety on the foods produced and processed.

Our QuillTrace Solution

QuillTrace is the blockchain-enabled procurement platform that helps to achieve all the listed solutions starting from the tracking of the food to connecting the entire supply chain from the farmers to the retailers.

$97 billion

The global market reached $97 billion in 2017 with a CAGR of 17% from 2018-2022.

$48 billion

The United States is the leading market with $48 bn, followed by Germany, France, and China.

Food Adulteration

Food adulteration is one of the most dangerous practice prevalent around the globe in which foods with pesticides in them are being mislabelled as organic.


  • None or limited traceability of the products which increases the operational cost.(especially the origin, time and other details of the farming of the food are unknown)
  • Lack of communication among the entities especially with the farmers.
  • The flow of counterfeit products and adulteration.
  • Complex certification system.

Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?





Blockchain Technology provides real-time tracking of food products-from farm to fork for both consumers and firms. This not only provides transparency along the supply chain but also reduces the food wastage and thereby increases the efficiency significantly.


Synergizes all the players of the food supply chain

It brings all the players (from farmers to retailers) of the supply chain together on one platform for a decentralized information sharing which fosters trust and prevents fraudulent activities and adulteration.


Faster Authentication

It eases up the various certification process for organic foods and saves a lot of time. The authenticity of food can be determined and It also eliminates the practice for double auditing thereby fastening the processes.


Provides operational excellence

It eliminates the need for third parties or intermediaries which reduces the overhead costs. The transparent decentralized data sharing helps in better inventory management and sales forecast which ultimately leads to an increase in price margin.

Benefits from Transparency in Food Supply Chain


Food Safety

With the use of IoT including sensors and beacons, sensitive food items can be monitored effectively in transit so that chances of contamination and spoilage during logistics is reduced.


Food Integrity

The food traceability market is worth $14 Billion in 2019 and customers are asking for more information about the food they are buying. It just takes a few seconds to trace the origin of a food time with the help of Blockchain.


Improved Brand reputation

91% of the business leaders surveyed by The Consumer Goods Forum believe that transparency builds trust among the consumers and around 40% consumers would switch from their preferred brand to one that offered more transparency.


Credit Scoring

Small farmers who have little or no access to formal loans for fertilizers and equipment can prove their credibility when their transactions are stored on an immutable platform based on Blockchain.

Our Traceability Flow



  • Crop Type
  • Farming Conditions (pesticide, fertilizer, machinery etc.)
  • Invoices & Receipts
  • Weight of the crop

Processing Facility

  • Production Date
  • Batch code & size
  • Certificates & invoices
  • Processing Methods used


  • Estimated Delivery Time
  • Storage Conditions
  • Receipts & Transactions
  • Time in transit
  • Batch Size


  • Batch Size
  • Expiry Dates
  • Time spent on shelf

Benefits for Stakeholders


Organic Farmers / Food Producers

  • Assurance of provenance information due to increased transparency with added value to food products
  • Elimination of intermediaries leading to reduced costs
  • Availability of consumer data


  • Logistics Management and pre-planning facility increases efficiency


  • Intercommunication between the stakeholders leading to better inventory management
  • Ensured data regarding the provenance of products
  • Increase in Trust Quotient and Brand Image

Government Organizations

  • Accurate and reliable data regarding the industry
  • Regulatory process becomes convenient due to transparency and immutability


  • Accurate information about the provenance of products
  • Identification of counterfeits in the market

Certification Bodies

  • Increased transparency increases the value and reliability of certificates


Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?