Removing the opacity from the Jewelry Supply Chain and making sure the diamond ring on your finger is authentic and does not have a blood diamond on it.

Our QuillTrace Solution

QuillTrace provides a platform to improve transparency and traceability of the jewelry supply chain thereby ensuring the customers regarding the authenticity of the product. This can help reduce the market of precious metals and gems which are mined with the violation of human rights.

$278.56 Billion

The global Jewelry market is valued at $278.56 Billion where $12 Billion per year is lost due to counterfeit products.


The customers who are kept in the dark on the origin and authenticity of the product are demanding a transparent system

Blood Diamond

No one wants a fake diamond on their finger or even worse, a blood diamond.


  • Opaqueness of the Jewelry supply chain.
  • Ineffective mechanisms of authentication.
  • Irresponsible mining of jewelry resulting in Human Rights violation.

Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?




Transparency in the Jewelry Supply Chain

The transfer of the supply chain on Blockchain improves transparency thereby providing information about the previous dealers and entities involved.


Secured authentication using Blockchain

With authentication documents on Blockchain, accessibility and convenience increases many folds and thereby improves customer trust.


Tracking of Jewelry right from the mine to mall

With the tracking of jewelry from the mine, customers and the concerned parties can be sure of the origin of the product and avoid the products which have originated from controversial regions.


Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?