The amount of rampant adultery and mislabelling in the olive oil industry calls for a solution which is transparent and proves authenticity easily.

Our QuillTrace Solution

QuillTrace provides a platform through which olive farmers and oil makers can prove the authenticity of their oil along with providing full transparency and traceability.


The European Union is the largest producer, exporter and consumer of olive oil in the world, producing 69% of the world’s olive oil.


Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture reported that 60% of the tested products were fake with some brands containing around 85% soybean oil.


Global production of Olive Oil dipped by more than 5% due to bad weather and disease making it more vulnerable to adultery.


  • There is a rampant practice of mislabelling and adultery in the olive oil industry dating back to the Roman Empire.
  • Clustering of producers and processors makes the process inefficient and adds unnecessary costs.

Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?



Authenticity of Oil

Authenticity of Oil

An authenticity certificate which users can use to trace the origin of the olive oil will identify the counterfeit oil in the market.


Collaboration and Middle Men elimination

With the entities of supply chain on the platform, collaboration is extremely convenient and middle men can be eliminated.


Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?