Increased traceability and transparency using Blockchain make it difficult for counterfeit medicines to enter the market and reduces pharma wastage.

Our QuillTrace Solution

QuillTrace helps the vendors, manufacturers, logistics and the wholesalers to come on one platform and increase the ease of business, security, and transparency with the help of smart contracts and blockchain. It removes the possibility of counterfeit medicines entering the supply chain and increases the trust quotient of the company.

$1204.8 Billion Industry

The $1204.8 Billion Pharma Industry is plagued with opaqueness

1 in 10 medicines is fake

Counterfeiting with 10% of the total medicines sold in the world being fake which accounts for $500 Million loss to the Industry.

Transparency & Authenticity

Blockchain is the savior which can increase transparency and authenticity in this essential industry.


  • No authentication technique leading to the inflow of counterfeit medicines.
  • Loss of goods due to improper logistics.
  • Lack of traceability of the goods in the supply chain.
  • Delay in payments and shipments due to the slow flow of documents.

Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?




Authentication of Medicines

QR codes on the packaging of medicines will prove the authenticity to the customer and provide the life cycle of the medicine right from its origin. This helps in the identification of fakes in the market.


Real-Time Traceability

With the help of sensors and Bluetooth beacons, the parties involved will be able to track the goods in real-time and plan the operations accordingly. Temperature and pressure sensors will store data on the blockchain to reduce the loss of goods in transit.


Reduction in Shipment Delays

Smart Contracts will aid in reducing the shipment delay by automating the transactions and the documents verification.


Ready to trace & track your products with the most secured technology ever?